Tennis court

A public tennis court is located only 300 meters from the cottages and can be used by the tenants free of charge.


Natural pool
An unforgettable experience is  bathing in one of the many natural pools. Created by flooded quarries. Clean water, just a few people and the beautiful nature are the main denominators of these places. Quarries can by found just a few kilometers from our houses.


Quarry Horse head - Lom Kobylí hlava - 1,5 km
One of many beautiful creations made by nature in the protected area of the Bohemian  Karst.


Golf court Karlstejn / 5 km 3km
If you play golf, your probably know that the golf court Karlstejn offers some supreme golfing. The golf court is operational since 1993. This wonderful 18 hole golf court offers a magnificent view over the Karlstejn Castle amidst the beautiful scenery of the Karlstejn valley. This 130 ha golf court is also unique for it's 86 bunkers.


Koneprusy limestone caves / 2 miles
The Konsprusy limestone caves form the largest cave system to be found in the Czech Republic. The caves were opened to the public in 1959. The tour through these impressive limestone caves, reveals colourful formations, and a 15th century underground forge used to make counterfeit coins. The Konsprusy rosettes, composed of silicious stalactites, are the main curiosity of this formation.


The Karlstejn - Beroun hiking path
The 10 mile long hiking path between Karlstejn and the city of Beroun is the first officially recognized hiking path in Bohemia (80 years old). The path passes through a beautiful scenery of hills, forrests and water falls. Close to Karlstejn you will hike through the distinctive landscape of Velka and Mala Amerika (Big and Small  America) as well as Mexico - area that with their practically vertical mountain sides reminds you of the Grand Canyon in the USA.


Velká a Malá Amerika www.lomy-amerika.czFormer limestone quarry  which is now desuetude. The flooding of these quarries  created unique natural shapes. The most famous ones are Velka and Mala Amerika (Big and Small  America), but the other less famous locations are sure worth a visit aswell.


Solvayovy quarry / 16 km
This is an open- air muzeum. It consist of several buildings such as the former operations bulding, the technology building and the reconstructed small gauge quarry railroad. Buildings with the remains of the technical devices can be found in the now inactive limestone quarry Paraple (umbrella), situated in the beautiful area of the Bohemian Krast, not far away from the road from Sv. Jana pod Skalou to Karlštejn.


Chrustenická mine / 12 miles

In the hundreds meters long tunnels you can find an unique exhibion reminding the famous era of mining in this area. The iron ore mine Chrustenice (1861 - 1965) was in its time one of the biggest and of high importance in the Barrandien area, situated west of Prague. The mine had 84 levels reaching a dept of 426m, which is 120m below sea level. In 100 years of hard work 8 milion tuns of iron ore were here extracted. A trip with the mine-train is part of the tour.


The Nizbor Chrystal Glass Plant /12 miles
The Czech Republic is world famous for its production of crystal glass. One of the many crystal glass plants is located close to our cottages. The Nizbor Chrystal Glass Plant RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s. was founded in 1846 and ranks among the oldest of the country. The plant offers guided tours through the production facilities where you can see the glass blowers and the cutting halls where complex patterns are carved into the glasses and vases .


Aquapark Hořovice www.koeko.czAquapark Hořovice consists of 4 different pools. A pool for children with an artifical rockwall, a pool for non-swimmers with a swinging-rope, slide, an island and an watersprinkling mushroom,                     a swimmingpool and a small pool with attractions.


Mining museum Přibam  / 25 miles
The mining museum Příbram founded in 1886 is the biggest mining museum in the Czech Republic. It offers over 40 permanent exibitions, were you can find among others a vast minerological collection, the history of mining and much more. All situated in the protected objects Ševčinského, Vojtěšského, Anenského and the Drkolnovského mine. In the mining cottage on the Březové Hory (Birk-mountains). Apart from the museum you can take a trip on the ming train or the slide.


Museum for political prisoners  /  25 miles
The museum is situated in a kamp, used as a prison (1947-1949) for German prisoners of war. Afterwards (1949-1951) it was used as a labourkamp for political prisoners. From 1951-1961 it was used as a prison for the for political prisoners . The musuem is now called "Muzeum třetího odboje"  (Third Resistance Museum) and is absolutely worth the trip. Not too many foreign tourists are familiar with the gruesome sides of the communism.



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