Beroun  / 5 km

The historical city Beroun was founed in 1260. The walls and the gate from 1300-1320 still remain. On the townsquare are situated some renaissance and baroque buildings. Apart from other interesting sights the Medvědárium (Bear House) is sure worth a visit. The baby bears Vojta, Kuba a Matěj , born on the 13th of January 2000 in Český Krumlov, found here their home thanks to breeder Jan Černý and film director Václav Chaloupek, who made a childrens movie about them.



The Nizbor Castle /  12 miles

Project Year of the Celts at Nižbor castle is situated in the information centre of Celtic culture at Nižbor castle. The Celts, a mysterious nation living on the territory of Bohemia from the 6th - 1st century before Christ, left a lot of remains of bronze, iron, glass,.. We can also find a lot of Celtic villages, settlements or places of worshipping.



The Karlstejn Castle / 4 miles

The Ghotic Karlstejn Castle is the most known and most visited castle in the Czech Republic. The castle was built by emperor Charles the 4th between 1348 and 1357 as treasury for the crown jewels. The main attraction of the castle is the Holy Cross Chapel with its 2200 gems and 129 portrait paintings and a starry sky made of Venezian glass and gold. Apart from the Castle, the city of Karlstejn has a wax museum and a museum of  cribs. The way from the parking lot to the Castle contains numerous reasonably priced shops selling crystal glass, souvenirs as well as a number of good Czech restaurants.


Castle Dobříš / 25 km

This Roccoco castle with an impressive facade was built between 1745 and 1765, by Jindřich Pavel Mansfeld. His daughter got married to Frans Gundakar Colloredo. Through this marriage the aristocratic family Colloredo-Mannsfeld was formed. During the second world war the castle was taken  in 1942 by the nacists and fell in 1945 in the ownership of the state. For nearly 50 years it was used as a home for writers. In the year 1998 it was given back, together with the French garden and the English park in to the private ownership, currently Dipl. Ing. Jerome Colloredo-Mannsfeld.



Svatá Hora   25 miles

The Czech word Svata Hora means "The Holy Mountain ". On the top of the mountain you'll find the beautiful Virgin Mary basilica. The basilica was designed by the famous italian architecht Carlo Lurago in the middle of the 16th century. The church is connected to the monsatry through a 450 yard long stairway (Scala Santa), and the location ranks as one of the most popular places of pilgrimage in the Czech Republic. A visit to Svata Hora can be combined with a visit of the mining museum Přibram within the same day (see activities ).



Sv. Jan pod Skalou 16 km

Svatý Jan pod Skalou (St. John under the rock) is one of the most picturesque sights of the National Park Bohemian Krast. Filled with natural created beautiful sights aswell as a lot of historical monuments. It's history begins at the end of the 9th century, when here, according to the legend, the first Christian hermit Ivan settled himself under a big rock.

Castle Hořovice  29 km

This is a beautiful castle which offers a guided tour through the interior and an overview of the games and toys used by the small aristocrates.


Točník a Žebrák  27 km

A beautiful castle chapel, a royal and knight hall with an exposition of Gothic paintings and sculpture art, a libary containing 52.000 books, a rich fürstenbersk museum, a gallery, a prison, a torture-room and torture-instruments, a monumental tower with a hunting collection, a pleasant walk on the castle walls, the tower Huderka with it's black kitchen and a beautiful view, temporary exibitions, this all and much more you can expect at castle Křivoklát, national monument of culture.



 Castle Křivoklát 36 km

Nádherná hradní kaple, královský a rytířský sál s expozicí gotického malířského a sochařského umění, knihovna obsahující na 52 tisíc svazků, bohaté fürstenberské muzeum a obrazárna, proslulé vězení a mučírny s mučícími nástroji, monumentální velká věž s loveckými sbírkami a výhledem do okolí, příjemná procházka po hradbách, věž Huderka s černou kuchyní a vyhlídkovým ochozem, hejtmanství s příležitostnými výstavami, to vše a ještě mnohem více je hrad Křivoklát, národní kulturní památka.





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