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When you have reserved the cottage via E-mail you will receive an unique costumer number from us.

This number is used when you wish to contact to us and when we need to contact you. Your costumer number is an important piece of information, and we kindly ask you always to include it when you e-mail or call us. 

As soon as we can confirm that the cottage of your choice is available for the period requested we will make a reservation. We will then send you a contract, that we kindly request you to study, as the lease conditions given in the contract are binding for the lease.


KEY: A representative from ASAP travel s.r.o. will hand you the key to the cottage at the location upon your arrival.

LEASE CONTRACT: The lease contract is binding for both parties. No later then seven workdays from your reservation you will receive a confirmation and an invoice from us. Your receipt of the contract serves as your acceptance of the lease conditions given herein. Your signature therefore will not be required.

VALIDATION OF CONTRACT: Upon your receipt of the contract and invoice it is your duty to make sure that the period and cottage number given in the contract is correct.

PAYMENT: Payment will be requested in two installments. The first installment is due no later then 10 days after the contract is sent to the costumer. The second installment is due no later then 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the lease period. If the reservation is made later then 6 weeks prior to the lease period the full amount is due for payment right away. The conditions for payments and the installment periods are described in the contract. If the payments are not completed within the deadlines given in the contract ASAP travel s.r.o. may cancel the contract without further warning.

Bank details:

DEPOSIT: The deposit is EUR 100,-  for the lease of a cottage, except for the period around Christmas and New Year where the deposit is EUR 200,-.  ASAP travel s.r.o. reserves the right to withhold any balance in our favour - i.e. unreported damage caused by the costumer on our property - from the deposit. The deposit is returned (via bank cheque or wire transfer) approximately 2 weeks after the end of the lease.

 ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: Unless otherwise specified the lease begins Saturday at 3 p.m. and ends Saturday at 10 a.m.

FORCE MAJEURE: In case of major events outside of our control (i.e. war, strike, fire, natural disasters) ASAP travel s.r.o. has the right to cancel the contract without warning.

CANCELLATION: In case of cancellation of the lease up to 30 days before the arrival, cancelation fee will be 30 % of the price. In case of cancellation less than 30 days prior to arrival, the cancellation fee is 100 % of the price. 


FINAL CLEANING:  The cleaning will be done by the owner, a mandatory chargeof  CZK 800,- will be taken from the deposit. However cleaning of the kitchen has to be made by the temants.

POWER CONSUMPTION: All our cottages are heated by the use of electrical radiators unless otherwise specified. The consumption of power and firewood is not included in the price of the lease unless otherwise specified. The power price currently is 0,30 € per kWh .

It is therefore IMPORTANT that you write down the meter value on the power consumption form received from ASAP travel s.r.o. upon arrival and at your departure. Payment takes place when you return the keys upon departure.

: During the lease period the tenant is responsible for the cottage and all of its contents. In case of damage you must immediately report this to ASAP travel s.r.o. no later then the day after the damage occurred. Upon arrival complaints about the state of the cottage and the contents hereoff must be reported to ASAP travel s.r.o. no later then on the day of arrival. Complaints about the cleaning of the cottage by the previous tenant must be reported to ASAP travel s.r.o. immediately after arrival.


INSURANCE: The cottage and its contents are insured against fire. This insurance does not include the tenants or their belongings. It is not allowed to flush waste through the toilets as this will clog the drain. The tenant is responsible for costs associated with self-caused clogging problems.


THE KITCHEN: The kitchens in our summer cottages are all equipped according to "international cottage standards" and are an integrated part of the living room. The kitchen contains all necessary items in terms of pots and pans, cutlery, plates, an electric stove, a microwave oven, refridgerator with a  freeze compartment and a coffee machine.


PETS: Are not allowed in our cottages. If pets are brought to our cottages where this is forbidden, the tenant may be asked to leave the premises immediately without a refund of the lease payment. The tenant will also be charged for an extra cleaning of the house.


BED LINNEN: The cottages are fully equipped with all you will need for a pleasant stay except: bed linnen, cleaning agents, tablets for the dishwashing machine, toiletpaper, washing powder, cloths, tea towels, firewood and towels.


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